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The Next Culture War?

The Next Culture War?
Here's a hilarious post from over at the Street Prophets blog: Street Prophets: Help Put the Cross Back in Crossing. With tongue firmly in cheek, it suggests that we need to fight those who have taken "the cross out of crossing."

It continues: "It is clear the devil worshipping, atheist, liberals are behind this effort. We all know that the left lacks any new ideas, so they have simply repeated themselves by replacing everything Christian with the letter X, as if they are symbolically x-ing out all religion. ... They are evil twins: Xmas and Xing, and we must fight back."

If Falwell's "Friend or Foe" campaign doesn't raise enough money for him, he might just start this fight next (after all, he long ago became a parody of himself). Posted by Picasa

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