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Peace is a Verb!

Here's a post from over at the Jesus was a Liberal blog that offers some good thoughts about peace:

"It takes a lot of courage to peace. We need a whole new lexicon of active verbs meaning to peace. We have an extensive vocabulary for making war but all our uses of words associated with peace are almost universally intransitive and passive."

"Unfortunately, we wage war as Christian soldiers. We even sing about being Christian soldiers. When's the last time you heard a rousing rendition of Onward Christian Peacemakers sojourning as to peace? We wage war against crime, poverty, sin and each other."

"Peace is active, not passive. Peace is the way to peace. We do not obtain peace either through war or by waging war on war. We peace when we love deeply, fully, and holistically."

This Christmas let's celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace!

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