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Robertson Lies Again

According to Media Matters, Pat Robertson has once again told a lie. Robertson falsely claims [Media Matters] Robertson recently repeated a claim he has made before that Reverend Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, has said that the Constitution prohibits fire departments from saving a church that is on fire.

Lynn has denied the charges. Even Focus on the Family noted in 2000 that the claim was false:

"It also should be said that despite Lynn's often-bombastic rhetoric, he's been on the receiving end of some pretty strong language himself, some of it unjustified. (One Christian conservative leader [presumably Robertson] has mistakenly suggested that Lynn would say a burning church shouldn't be able to call the fire department lest it violate the bounds of church-state separation.)"

Rick over at the Jesus was a Liberal blog (Jesus was a Liberal: Robertson tells a Whopper) put it well:

"Taken at their best, brother Pat's remarks are inflammatory and divisive. At their worst, they constitute an intentional lie."

Robertson made the false claim most recently when discussing the "war on Christmas." Maybe he should quit worrying about the supposed "war on Christmas" and stop waging his own war on fellow Christians!

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