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Alternative Religious Voices

Here is an article that clearly demonstrates that religious right leaders are not the only Christian voices out there, though they are often treated that way: This isn't your father's Moral Majority.

It talks about how some devout Christians, including some conservatives, are getting involved in issues that many Christians have ignored. Some are fighting for the poor through changes in the tax codes or in governmental spending. Some are fighting for better environmental protection.

Ron Sider, president of Evangelicals for Social Action, explained, "The evangelical community has never been as one-sided as the popular stereotype suggests. ... There's been several decades of people saying that evangelicals need to be engaged with issues of racism, economic justice and peacemaking and so on."

It is good to see Christians standing up for issues other than the traditional family and social issues. While those are important, there are other important Biblical issues to work for as well. We must avoid the danger of allowing a few voices on a few issues to become the primary representations of Christians.

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