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Another Christian Link to Abramoff

Another Christian organization has been linked to the Abramoff scandal, of which we will likely hear more of now that Abramoff has pled guilty. Group links DeLay, lobbyist

Previously linked to the scandal was former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, and the Reverend Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. Now it seems that the U.S. Family Network that was led at the time by the Reverend Christopher Geeslin also was involved. The group took money from an Indian casino to campaign against a different one. The organization is also a link between Abramoff's illegal activities and those of DeLay.

It seems that yet another political religious organization was tempted away by power and money. You cannot serve two masters—so let's try to focus on spiritual issues.

Thanks to the Holier Than Thou: When the Christian Right Goes Wrong blog for pointing this connection out.

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