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Blogging and Democracy

Here is my latest piece at Ethics Daily about the Wade Burleson controversy. Here are a couple of highlights:

"Historically Baptists were more democratic and grassroots-led than the traditional hierarchical denominational structure. However, a trustee is now being disciplined for attempting to communicate to the people he serves. After all, the people—not the IMB, SBC, or other trustees—are his bosses."

"This will likely remain a key issue among bloggers until the SBC annual meeting in June. Though the IMB trustees wanted to stop the public discussion of their decisions, they have ironically opened the floodgates. Maybe, like Dan Rather, they misjudged the influence and power of bloggers."

"To remove Burleson seems to be the next step in destroying Baptist democracy, assuming it even exists anymore. Will it die completely? Not if Baptist bloggers have anything to say about it—and they usually do have something say!"

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