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"Book of Daniel" Evangelism

NBC announced that "The Book of Daniel" has been cancelled. Many Christians were quite vocally against the show before it even came out, though many of their claims were inaccurate (which usually happens when one prejudges something). However, here is an interesting story about how the show was used for good: D.C. church's 'Daniel' blog seizes preachable moment.

The article explains how the Episcopal Diocese of Washington set up a blog as an "evangelism opportunity." The article adds, “Jim Naughton, the diocese's communications director who created the blog, points out the number of inquiries for the evangelism materials on the diocese's Web site have shot up in the past two weeks. To date, he said, the blog has received 21,000 hits.”

Regardless what you think about the show, the dialogue at the site has been outstanding and definitely needed. Kudos to Naughton and the diocese for wisely viewing the show as an opportunity and not as something that needed to be condemned! The blog has likely done much more good for the Kingdom than the AFA protests. Even though the show is gone, check out the discussion: Blog of Daniel.

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