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Christian Lions

Here is a good post from Tony Cartledge over at the Biblical Recorder Editor's Journal blog that compares the treatment of the Daniel in the Bible to the treatment of NBC's now cancelled "The Book of Daniel." Here are a couple highlights:

"There are also many reasons why it seems a bit hypocritical for folks to pounce on The Book of Daniel but not lift a claw toward any number of other programs that are even more brazen in flaunting morality and other Christian values."

"The problem with The Book of Daniel is that the central character was a priest, which made the sins we love to watch on TV seem a little too close for comfort."

"While some may bemoan the loss of a drama that claimed to have a redemptive aim, the show's producers -- who seem to have gone out of their way to add offensive elements -- can't say they didn't ask for it. You can only tweak a lion's nose so much before it bites."

If only God would muzzle these Christians lions like he did the ones in the den with Daniel. Then maybe they would not be able to do so much damage.

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