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Giving up on Pat

The New York Times has an article with the good news that many Christian leaders are reacting negatively to Pat Robertson's latest comments.

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, stated, "He speaks for an ever-diminishing number of American evangelicals, and that process accelerates every time he makes a statement like this."

Christian writer Os Guinness said, "I know hundreds of people who are just terminally frustrated with the idiotic public statements of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the idea that these people represent us. They don't."

Donald Wildmon, the founder and head of American Family Association and American Family Radio, contended, "Pat's comments were most unfortunate. I don't think this served our cause very well."

Amen! It is good to see other Christians willing to challenge Robertson, and thus hopefully helping to diminish his position among American Christians.

An interesting side note is that Robertson did not host "The 700 Club" show on Friday, the day after his comments. Maybe he knew he could not justify the comments. His son hosted and prayed for God to heal Sharon (maybe—and hopefully—the apple falls far from the tree in this case).


  1. Thank you! Love your blog.

  2. Don't be fooled by those wolves in sheep's clothing. Of course they agree with him. Southern Baptists are largely pre-trib premillennialists one and all. Robertson serves a useful purpose as an 'extremist' they can all point to and say, 'he is not one of us'. They consider him extreme because of his (lack of) political manners, not because of his theology. In that they mostly concur.


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