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God's mind-readers

Here is a good piece in response to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's recent remarks: God's mind-readers - The Boston Globe. Here are a couple of highlights:

"New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin had a different purpose but the same technique as the Rev. Pat Robertson when he invoked God's wrath as the cause of human suffering. God's name is being taken in vain by those who would inflate their importance or diminish their failings."

"Nagin was speaking at an event commemorating the accomplishments of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 'I just want to do God's will,' King said on the night before he was murdered. King tried to live out his belief in God without claiming to have a direct line to the deity. Those who think they know the divine might better show it by their actions to help others, not by invoking his name as a punishment or excuse."

Amen! Let's have a little more doing and a lot less talking.

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