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Holy Alito Oil Batman!

Here is a bizarre story: - Ministers Say They Blessed Seats Ahead of Alito Hearing The Reverend Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council said he and other ministers snuck into the room where the Alito hearings were going to be held and put "holy oil" on the seats.

Schenck said about the nomination hearing: "God … is interested in what goes on." He added that they did the same thing before the Roberts hearing last year and that the hearing "went very well."

Thanks for making Christian look so odd! Don't you have better and more important things to do? How about witnessing to the lost? How about saving the money spent on the oil to give to the poor? Aren't those things that God cares more about?

To see photos of these clowns, click here. Looks like they are putting on quite a show—so much for not praying in public like the hypocrites!

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