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Is Christianity a Casualty of War?

Here is a great column by Tony Campolo: Is Christianity a Casualty of War?. This is a must-read for all Christians! Here are a few highlights:

"The question is would Jesus ask, 'What doth it profit if you gain information from a tortured terrorist and lose your own soul?'"

"I came away from that discussion with a sense that many of us Evangelicals have given up our moral compasses and wandered into an ethical wasteland where we are not only losing our souls, but also losing our testimonies as good people. Checking around, I found very little condemnation of America's use of torture from those pundits of Christian Fundamentalism who usually can be counted on to speak out with righteous indignation whenever our government provides even the appearance of evil."

"Sadly, one of the consequences of our support of our nation's foreign policies is that the doors for missionary work are being shut. Because Christianity, throughout the Muslim world, is associated with America, anti-Americanism has heated up anger against Christians in many parts of the Islamic world."

"These disturbing conditions worsen when American television preachers foolishly declare Islam to be an evil religion, and when the leader of a prominent Evangelical denomination calls Mohammed a pedophile. To add injury to such insults, a worldwide news story broke that an American general stood, dressed in full uniform, in a Christian church and told the congregation that Islam is a creation of Satan."

"Don't these people realize that there are dire consequences for our missionaries in Muslim countries as a result of such rhetoric?"

"Christianity has been hurt by the failure of leading Evangelical spokespersons to decry how the war on terrorism has been conducted. It also has been hurt by the failure of the rest of we Evangelical Christians to show loving support for moderate Muslims, and by prejudices that have driven many Muslim young people into the camps of radicals."


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