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Just Politics

Republicans have often been accused (sometimes rightly) of (mis)using religion for political gain. Now when some Democrats offer legislation to support Bible classes in public schools Republicans are attacking the Democrats: Democrats in 2 Southern States Push Bills on Bible Study.

Eric Johnson stated, "Their proposal makes them modern-day pharisees. ... This is election-year pandering using voters' deepest beliefs as a tool."

Betty Peters called it "pandering" and argued that Democrats' new strategy was "Let's just wrap ourselves in Jesus."

So for these Republicans the message is that when Republicans propose these bills it is okay but when Democrats do it is wrong. Shouldn't the Republicans be excited they have won the Democrats over? If they were being intellectually and spiritually honest they would support the bills regardless who proposes them. This demonstrates that, unfortunately, much of the religious talk in politics by these Republicans has been just politics and not sincere faith.

Thanks to the GetReligion blog for pointing this story out.

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