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Just Us Opportunism

At Justice Sunday III yesterday, the Reverend Herbert Lusk welcomed those who came to the event. He stated:

"Some of you perhaps this is the first time you've had a chance to enter into an African-American congregation."

First chance?! Isn't there an opportunity to do so every Sunday all across the nation? If "Just Us Sunday" was anyone white Christian's first time in an African-American church then that person has some serious problems. How can they claim to be the upholders of justice and racial diversity when they only go to church with their African-American brothers and sisters when it is a political rally?! This demonstrates the rally was merely crass opportunism and not true justice or worship.

But should we be surprised? After all, Max Blumenthal warned us about the troubling racial past of the rally's organizer, Tony Perkins, and Jerry Falwell's outspoken opposition to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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