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Just Us Racist America

Yesterday at Justice Sunday III, the Reverend Jerry Falwell urged everyone to support the nomination of Alito. He then added:

"I want to see for my children and my grandchildren—and I have many of them—that they will enjoy the same America in which I was born.”

The America in which he was born in 1933—especially his native Virginia—was extremely racist. He seems to want to literally turn back the clock and erase all the progress made over the past 70 years.

So much for the attempts to show racial diversity at "Just Us Sunday." So much for the attempts to connect the rally with the work and words of Martin Luther King, Jr. So much for true justice!

But should we be surprised? After all, Max Blumenthal warned us about the troubling racial past of the rally's organizer, Tony Perkins, and Jerry Falwell's outspoken opposition to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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