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Lucky Louie?

The Washington Post has reported on the key players in the growing scandal surrounding lobbyist Jack Abramoff: Unraveling Abramoff. In addition to former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, the Reverend Louis Sheldon is on the list.

Sheldon's group, Traditional Values Coalition, has often protested against gambling. However, he supposedly accepted money from eLottery, an online lottery firm, to help a pro-gambling campaign. Sheldon claims he does not remember receiving money from eLottery. Checks and emails show that Abramoff had Reed to get Sheldon on board and help pressure congressional members. Abramoff referred to Sheldon as "Lucky Louie." Here is a previous article that outlines more details of the scheme: How a Lobbyist Stacked the Deck

You cannot serve two masters! How sad to see a religious leader sell away his principles (apparently integrity is not one of his "traditional values").

Thanks to Frederick Clarkson at Talk To Action for pointing this story out.

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