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Not Persecuted!

Here is a fantastic column by Jim Evans over at Ethics Daily in response to claims by some American Christians that they are being persecuted. Here are some highlights:

"Nothing has become more tiresome in recent years than the incessant claim by many conservative Christians that they are being persecuted."

"But that's not persecution. In fact, Christianity has thrived in the freedom created by our legal system. That's why in most neighborhoods in America there is a church on nearly every corner. And if those churches are not a sufficient visible symbol of the viability of Christianity, then that's what Christian leaders need to worry about. That's not persecution, that's neglect."

"Of course, it's not really about being persecuted. It's about not being in control."

"Why should Hollywood producers do public relations for the church? And why would we want them to? Why do we think that make-believe Christians living happily in make-believe worlds can possibly make a difference in this very real world? Jesus said we would be known by our love, not by our Nielsen ratings."

"And while we are on the subject, did Jesus ever say anything about the powers that be in this world rolling out the red carpet for us? They didn't do it for him, so why should his followers expect to be treated any better? In the world, Jesus said, but not of it."

"Not that we don't need to be concerned about the negative way Christians appear on television, but I don't know how to make Pat Robertson stop."


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