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Not a Prophet!

Here is a good critique of Robertson: What Was Robertson Thinking?. Here are a couple of highlights:

"Scour the Bible all you like for an apologetic prophet—one who publicly regrets having been insensitive to his audience—but you'll come up empty. Not so in today's world."

"But unlike Robertson, Joel never followed up a week later by saying, 'My zeal, my love of Israel, and my concern for the future safety of your nation led me to make remarks which I can now view in retrospect as inappropriate and insensitive in light of a national grief.'"

Yep, it sure seems that Robertson has proven he is no prophet! In the article Southern Baptist leader Richard Land stated:

"He was wrong, and he said hurtful things, and he’s apologized for them, and that’s the Christian thing. ... Forgiveness is one thing and restoration is another. If I do something really stupid and wrong and I apologize for it, most will forgive me; but they will not be quite as trusting of my leadership in the future."

Amen! Robertson is no prophet (but he does seem concerned about profit), so hopefully Christians will stop trusting or following him.

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