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Pre-Judgment Day

Two local NBC affiliates have dropped the upcoming show "The Book of Daniel." Many Christians have been pressuring them to cancel the show. How can we accurately criticize a show that we have not seen? Doesn't it at least deserve the chance to prove itself?

I remember a couple of years ago hearing a lot of criticism and condemnation from Christian leaders about the movie "Bruce Almighty," even though most of those attacking it had not seen it. I not only saw the movie, but loved it because it is funny and has some of the most profound and sincere religious messages you will find coming out of Hollywood. Instead of criticizing it, religious leaders should have invited a non-Christian friend to go view the movie and then go and get a cup of coffee afterward to talk about it—that would have actually been productive!

Jack Kenny, executive producer of "The Book of Daniel," argues that the show is not anti-Christian. He added, "We are not in any way satirizing Christianity or Jesus. ... It's done with love, honoring those things."

Maybe we should at least give it a chance. Now, if tomorrow's premiere episode is anti-Christian, then let's call them on it. But you never know, it could be another "Bruce Almighty."

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