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Racial Education

Here is a good column by Miguel De La Torre at Ethics Daily about segregation and Christian schools. He writes:

"Many Christian schools established in this nation during these times, were founded for the sole purpose of providing a loophole to the Supreme Court's mandate of desegregation. How deplorable to use the guise of a so-called Christian education to maintain such a sinful social structure."

"This is not to say that all that were founded during these times today continue to support the 'original' sin of racism. Some schools found redemption by moving beyond their racist beginnings by operating learning institutions which reflect the rich diversity of our nation and our faith. Such examples should be a source of pride for the entire community."

"Yet unfortunately, there are still many 'Christian' schools with a faculty, administration and student body that is predominately white (with the exception of non-white children adopted by white parents). How sad to see the consequences of that 'original' sin still being manifested in the new millennium."

"Well I, for one, would never send my precious children to a school--no matter how much it proclaims the Christian faith--that refuses to celebrate and/or learn from our ethnicity. I truly pity those students who are denied a full education, because they are forced to go to a school where everyone looks like them."

As support for private Christian schools increases in the wake of the intelligent design decision in Dover, hopefully these schools will include all of God's children. If not, then they communicate to those of different ethnicity that they are not welcomed.

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