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Religious Freedom

Here is a great column about the strength and benefits of America's religious freedom that comes from the separation of church and state: Dallas Morning News News for Dallas, Texas Community Opinions. Here are a couple highlights:

"The lesson here is important: Governments that stay out of religious affairs create environments in which houses of worship thrive through the contributions and devotion of their congregations, not through government support. Religious groups need not fear that they will lose official favor if they criticize the government, speak out on issues such as justice and morality or tend too closely to the spiritual needs of their congregants."

"This separation also protects the right of families to pass on their own religious faith to their children. Children may pray voluntarily in school or in any public location. They may also join one of the many thousands of religious clubs that meet in our nation's public schools."

"Clearly, religion thrives in such freedom."

Amen! Let us quit complaining about supposed government suppression of our faith and instead focus on enjoying and using our freedom to worship God.

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