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Religious TV Ad

The Southern Baptist Convention has been running a TV ad during college football bowl games: SBC to air TV ad during BCS games - (BP) It is designed to portray Southern Baptists as "caring people."

Bob Rodgers, the vice president for Cooperative Program with the SBC Executive Committee, explained: "The effort is not a campaign to applaud what we do in the name of Jesus. ... However, it is an initiative to educate ourselves and others about what we achieve together as Southern Baptists in the name of Jesus that we could not without the Cooperative Program."

Here is the ad: How Southern Baptists make a difference

It is a good ad that talks about the disaster relief and other service ministries Southern Baptists have been involved in. Over the last several years Southern Baptists have developed a bad reputation—unfortunately often deserved—for internal conflict and political involvement. Hopefully this ad is not just a marketing campaign but also a sign that they are returning to focusing on Christ-like service. If that is case, then this ad is just the beginning of them more effectively communicating the love of Jesus.

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