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Robertson Apologizes

Pat Robertson finally apologized for his dumb remarks about Ariel Sharon: BREITBART.COM - Robertson Apologizes for Sharon Remarks. Robertson wrote to Sharon's son and called Sharon a "kind, gracious and gentle man."

He added: "My concern for the future safety of your nation led me to make remarks which I can now view in retrospect as inappropriate and insensitive in light of a national grief experienced because of your father's illness."

Robertson also wrote, "I ask your forgiveness and the forgiveness of the people of Israel."

Robertson must be getting pretty good at apologizing. What is most interesting is that he did not apologize after being criticized by everyone but only after losing a deal to build a Christian heritage center in Israel. Maybe he has finally learned the power and danger of words. Or maybe he is just more concerned about business deals than upsetting people and hurting the cause.

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  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Just hit someone in the pocket book and that will get their attention! Peggy


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