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Same Old Same Old

Baptist pastor David Flick offers the following astute observations on his blog about the Wade Burleson controversy:

"He is now facing the wrath of those who will tolerate nothing short of absolute conformity. I feel Wade's pain. I experienced it myself. I understand what he's going through. For all practical purposes, Wade is now persona non grata to the very people he supported when the SBC attempted to silence the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. It's a crying shame. I can't say, however, that I'm surprised at the way he is being treated."

"Wade Burleson is hurting. I feel his pain. I've been there and have experienced that. I applaud his courage to stand up against powerful people. I am praying for him."

Will the fighting never end? Must there always be an enemy? Why can’t we work together for the sake of the Gospel? I too am praying for Burleson and all others involved that they can move past this and work together with each other and all other Baptists and Christians to help share the love of Jesus.

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