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Seeing God's Plan

Michael Helms has a good column at Ethics Daily about recent comments by Pat Robertson. Here are a couple of highlights:

"Pat Robertson opened his mouth and inserted his foot again recently."

"If you believe that God is omnipotent (all-powerful), then God has the ability with a single breath to blow every Palestinian out of the land of Israel if He so chose. Why would God strike down two men for sharing the land for the sake of peace when God's been sharing that land now for thousands of years?"

"Thus, when I hear people who attribute horrible, terrible, and even sinful acts as the providential hand of God, I cringe. It is true that people reap what they sow, but that does not mean that God is the first mover of their destruction where evil and sin are involved."

"With due respect to Rev. Robertson, I believe many people are turned off by that fact that he claims to see so much more clearly than most of us into current events which he so quickly connects with the providence of God. He is right that God is actively working in this world. His providential hand is upon us all. However, that hand is often mysterious and not so clearly seen."


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