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Talking to the Press

Here is a good post from the GetReligion blog that praises some Christians for speaking to the media. Here are a couple highlights:

"I’ve been puzzling over a trend I’ve noticed recently among some Christian groups and their leaders: a hesitancy to speak to members of the media regarding their message and an inability to succinctly and effectively express that message. As a Believer, I struggle myself with expressing my faith to others, so I don’t want to go off judging those in leadership positions. But as we’ve said before on this blog, religious leaders could use a bit of GetJournalism, just as us media folks could use a bit of GetReligion."

"Across the pond in Great Britain, there is a great example of a Christian group getting journalism."

"Score one for the Christian Union for being so willing to communicate its message and not being ashamed to speak out for what they truly believe."

"As a reporter, I appreciate any organization that is able to succinctly present its side on a controversial issue. Reporters are not always as familiar with an issue as would be desirable, nor do they have the time to become experts in every controversy, but nearly all are willing to learn and desire to accurately present a situation in all fairness and accuracy."

Amen! We should not fear the media but view them as yet one more way to communicate our beliefs. If done well, speaking to the press can really help a church or ministry get its message out.

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