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Time to Tell the Truth

Here is a good post by Tony Cartledge over at the Biblical Recorder Editor's Journal blog about how Christians are needed to proclaim the Truth in this world of lies. Here are some highlights:

"From 1969 to 1978, I was a great fan of 'To Tell the Truth,' a TV game show in which three guests told spectacular stories, only one of which was the truth."

"In the past few years, it has apparently become fashionable for a number of authors to play 'To Tell the Truth' with their readers, spicing up everything from news stories to memoirs with made-up stuff, apparently because the truth wasn't exciting or detailed enough to sell."

"Sadly, even pastors have been caught living a lie more than once, along with using other people's stories as sermon illustrations while pretending it happened to them. I've heard it happen too many times."

"There are some things about which the Bible is exceedingly clear, and the importance of telling the truth is one of them."

"If those who claim to follow the Bible want to impact our culture, one thing they could do is insist on accountability and demand that people -- especially those in places of responsibility -- stop speaking with a forked tongue. And, of course, they should begin by making a personal commitment -- to tell the truth."


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