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What Happened to Love?

The pastor of the church that was kicked out of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention has responded to the false allegations leveled against them: Pastor insists he hasn't endorsed homosexuality - (BP). (For background, see previous post: Where's the Love?.) In addition to pointing out inaccurate claims made against him and the church, he also defends the ministry to homosexuals. He stated:

"Number one, I do not affirm the homosexual lifestyle. ... Homosexuality is part of the sinful nature. It is listed, as are many other sins that are acts of the sinful nature. However, I do not hate people who are in that lifestyle. I have friends who are in that lifestyle and they know my stance."

In another article he explained:

"I believe the Bible very clearly teach that homosexuality is wrong, but I also believe the Bible teaches that we are to love those who are homosexual and minister to them."

The leader of the ministry for homosexuals put it well when she stated:

"We're going to continue to operate and do what we can do. ... It really saddens me that the church that says it wants to reach out to people is being the way they are with Randy."

One of the guys that led the effort to kick the church out stated:

"The door is still open for [Faith Harbour] to reconcile if they will just agree to abide by the theological parameters of the SBTC. Although we want to reach out to people caught in sin, at the same time we can't affirm the lifestyle.”

I can't imagine why the church would want to return to a hateful and unbiblical group. Instead, maybe the SBTC should change to the theological parameters of the Bible and start loving all of God's people that He died for.

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