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What is Truth?

Here is a good post over at the Christian Alliance for Progress Blog on "Oprah, the Liberty Counsel and Bearing False Witness." Here are a few highlights:

"Oprah Winfrey did something hard this week: she apologized for condoning a false impression about a book. This week, a small town Wisconsin school district asked the powerful Liberty Counsel and its right-wing Christian backers to do the same."

"Ms. Winfrey apologized for being indifferent to the truth about an author's false memoir about his life as a drug user. ... But Winfrey, who has been widely criticized, even by e-mailers on her Web site, for her apparent indifference to the controversy, said Thursday that she regretted making that call."

"For People of the Book, of course, bearing false witness is always a matter of considerable importance. The Dodgeville School District asked some purported Christians and their legal advocacy group, the Liberty Counsel, to apologize for its lies about the school district's efforts at producing a holiday play."

"Diane Messer, Dodgeville superintendent, said the group never asked for a reply or for an explanation in its first letter, never checked its facts and even got its final statement wrong, when it issued a press release incorrectly claiming the school 'dumps' a song, 'Cold in the Night,' and 'returns' to 'Silent Night.'"

"In this case, the lies about an honorable school district have hurt the hard-working people of Dodgeville. Will the Liberty Counsel, and its zealous supporters in the clergy and at Fox News, follow Oprah Winfrey's lead? As a believer, I know that miracles can happen."

Amen! It is sad that Oprah sets a better example in following the Bible than a group that claims to be fighting for the Kingdom. Perhaps the statement that best captured the sad irony of this case came from Superintendent Messer:

"I am surprised that he has chosen this approach, since he is representing a Christian organization that certainly would uphold the Ten Commandments. He is not honoring the commandment that thou shalt not bear false witness."

Perhaps the Liberty Counsel should spend less time and energy fighting schools they view as anti-Christian and start living like Christians themselves. This organization with its lies and lack of apology has unfortunately hurt the very Kingdom they claim to be fighting for. We would be better off if they had not said anything at all in this case.

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