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Witnessing Tract?

Here is a fairly new tract from Chick publications: The Chaplain. It is militaristic, and racist. Notice how the Muslims being fought are exaggerated and even foaming at the mouth. It has God as clearly helping the Americans win the battle. And then the tract attacks preachers who have attended seminary.

This is perhaps the most messed up "witnessing" tool I have ever seen. It has little to do with the Gospel message of the Bible. Instead it rehashes racist images, perpetuates the myth that America is God's chosen nation and should go kill everyone who does not believe, and wrongly attacks those who spend time and energy attempting to better understand Scriptures so they can teach others. The only way this tract can do any good is if it is burned in the fireplace to cut down on someone's electric bill!

Thanks to Dark Christianity for pointing this out.

1 comment:

  1. Peggy6:36 PM

    I agree with you. Chick's work can be down right embarassing and this piece is not worth the ink it is written with. Too Bad, he has faith, dedication and a lot of talent. Peggy


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