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Abramoff's Evangelical Soldiers

Here is Max Blumenthal's latest article, Abramoff's Evangelical Soldiers, that offers more details about how some Christian leaders allowed the lure of money and power to overcome principles. He links Ralph Reed, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Don Wildmon, Phyllis Schlafly, Gary Bauer, and Tom Minnery (at different levels) to the Abramoff scandal. He writes:

"While Abramoff cooperates with federal prosecutors, his former Christian-right surrogates have abstained from coming clean about their relationship with him. Acknowledging willing collusion with a disgraced casino lobbyist would be suicidal among their followers. But there are also risks in casting themselves as useful idiots in Abramoff's game. Such a tactic would reveal the 'pro-family' movement as just another gear in a sordid Republican political operation. What did Dobson know and when did he know it? As the wheels of justice grind on, those who claim to speak with the authority of Scripture may soon find themselves under oath."

How sad! This article provides more reasons to be wary of religious leaders who make politics among their top priorities. We need to refocus on what really matters—sharing the love of Jesus with everyone!

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