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America's Jesus

Here is a great column by Rob Borsellino: What has happened to America's Jesus?. Here are a few highlights:

I remember when Jesus Christ was about religion.

That goes back to when he was caring and compassionate all the time, not just during the political campaign season.

He used to bring people together and give them hope. He wouldn't have his people get in your face and tell you to fight gay rights or you'll burn in hell. That's not what he was about. That's not the Jesus who made folks such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson rich and famous. He was a different guy from the 21st-century American Jesus Christ.

... Several times during the week, I thought about telling my family what's happened to Jesus in the United States - how he's been kidnapped by politicians and preachers who decide what he does and doesn't think. They speak for him, and it doesn't always make sense.
Amen! It is sad to see how some have (mis)used Jesus to support their own political agendas. It is time to let Jesus speak for himself. It is time for Christians to spend more time listening to the teachings of Jesus. It is time to change our messages to match those of Jesus and not vice versa.

Thanks to the Moral Contradictions blog for pointing out this column.

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