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Angry God?

Here is some good news that despite the rhetoric of Pat Robertson many people are attempting to portray God as more loving: Traditional View of an Angry God Has Softened.

J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbara, argued that the problem with the angry and punishing God view is that it can go both ways. He explained, "For example, you could say that, with Hurricane Katrina, God went after the evil city of New Orleans and the gamblers of Biloxi, Miss. ... But because he followed that up with Hurricane Rita, you could say he was going after President Bush and the corrupt elite ruling class of Texas."

Rev. Cecil "Chip" Murray, former pastor of L.A.'s First AME Church, added, "To have a God who rejoices over pain is to have a more negative concept of God than I think we should have. ... People play the blame game with God, and it tells you more about the people playing the game than about the God they are gaming."

Amen! Hopefully this is true and more people will start attempting to communicate the love of God.

Thanks to Albert Mohler for pointing this story out on his blog.

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