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Christians and the Muhammad Cartoons

Here is an article that tragically reminds us that our communication has consequences: Editorial cartoon sparks violence against Lebanese Christians. Churches have been vandalized and Christians hurt or even killed. Because of the printing of the anti-Muhammad cartoons some Christians are now in danger and their ability to reach out to their Muslim neighbors with the Gospel has been greatly weakened.

Unfortunately, some Christians are partly responsible for inciting this violence. As mentioned in a previous post (That's Funny?), one of the first newspapers to publish the cartoons was an evangelical Christian newspaper in Norway. In addition to driving Muslims away from being open to the Gospel, these Christians have also caused harm to fellow members of the body.

Now Gary McCullough, Director of the Christian Newswire, published one of the cartoons on the Christian Newswire and included a statement urging other media outlets to do likewise. He argues that they must stand up for freedom of the press. While they do have the right to print them it is not right to do so. This Christian media leader must realize that he shares some of the blame for inciting violence against Christians. Maybe next time he should be less concerned about standing up to Muslims and more concerned with doing what is right.

For God's sake (and for the sake of our fellow Christians) please stop printing these cartoons and please start thinking before sending out a hateful message in the first place!

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