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Combat for Christ?!

Here is a website of some Christians who wrongly take some of Paul's writings too literally: At the Combat Training Center kids and adults can learn how to rock climb and shoot guns. The top of the page states "Training to fight the good fight." I do not think Paul meant for us to literally learn how to fight (and he definitely said nothing about guns). Additionally, the site explains that the weapons course "challenges the Christian Soldier to engage and eliminate his greatest enemies." What?! So much for the teachings of Jesus to love and pray for our enemies!

It is so sad to such violent rhetoric and actions being perpetrated in the name of God. As the Dark Christianity blog that pointed this sick website out put it: "I really wish this was a satire site."

The camp's founder argues that this training is needed to combat the influences of secular society: "I'm sure you have dealt with the anguish of preparing your youth to conform to the image of Christ. You have fought with Hollywood and the Music Industry to gain the minds and hearts of America's youth. Many today within the Church are ready to surrender our most valuable resource (our children) to the enemy's camp. I AM NOT!"

Apparently instead of complaining about the violence in Hollywood or in music we can just teach our kids good ol’ wholesome Christ-like violence. Just in case you are not sure if such Christian violence really is unhealthy, the Jesus' General blog points out that the pastor leading the camp was arrested for beating up his daughter (and during the incident he also fired a gun into the air). Now that's a good Christian role model for kids! Why would any parent not want to send their kid to hang out with guns and this pastor?

Hopefully this demonstrates that violence and Christianity do not mix. We must work on reducing both physical and rhetorical violence from our community.

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