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Communicating Through Many Mediums

There have been a few articles recently about different ways to communicate the love of Jesus. Combined these articles teach us that no matter what medium is available, we can use it for good.

First, there is an article about the Prayer-A-Gram, a personal note sent to encourage missionaries that was based on the telegram over forty years ago. While Western Union is stopping its telegram service, the Prayer-A-Gram is still going.

Then, there is an article about the Internet as an evangelistic medium:

As a medium, it seeks to empower because it dispenses information: and it is up to us to insist that this information be accurate. It seeks to build lines of communication through the ether: and it is up to us to ensure that the talking we do online and in our e-mails is charitable and true.

“A sower went out to sow,” we read in the Gospels. He took the risk of broadcasting, of throwing the seed high up in the air so that it landed in places where it could not flourish, or the birds might gobble it up, or it might thrive and yield a hundredfold. He was not a nervous, edgy character; he did not narrowcast, concerned only with the purity of the few.

Next, here is a Wall Street Journal article about using hip-hop:

Hip-hop is a long way from Martin Luther's "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," and that's exactly the point, according to pastors Efrem Smith and Phil Jackson, who serve urban communities in Minneapolis and Chicago and who recently together wrote "The Hip-Hop Church." Traditional fare, they say, often falls on deaf ears, especially ears affixed to young heads, while "holy hip-hop," such as a musical version of the Gospel of John called "The Epic," brings the old message to a new generation under constant secular cultural bombardment.
Whatever medium you find at your disposal, use it to share encouraging or inspirational words.


  1. I really like this post. I agree that we as Christians do tend to bombard people with our message, but I will say we shouldn't let the world change our zest. If we want to preach about God, then preach. The more we change our way of teaching to conform to the way of the wrold the less impact the message will have on people.

  2. Thanks for writing. While we should not change our zest or message, we should learn to adapt to different mediums. The more ways we can tell the Good News then perhaps the more people we can reach.


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