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Demeaning the Bible?

Here is an interesting article about legislation in Georgia to attempt to protect the displaying of the Ten Commandments in public buildings. The bill would require that a Ten Commandments display also include the Declaration of Independence and the Mayflower Compact.

A couple of representatives opposed the bill and offered some very insightful comments. Fran Millar wondered if "the Word of God" should be placed with the other two documents. He asked, "Are we demeaning the Bible." And Douglas Dean added, "We’re denying the Almighty God’s Word by calling this a historical document."

Amen! These two representatives will likely be attacked for not supporting the bill. However, they seem to have a higher view of the Ten Commandments as the Word of God than all of those who voted for the bill. It is time to view the Ten Commandments as religious messages and quit (mis)using them for political gain.

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