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Foot in Mouth

Here is an article about Pat Robertson's recent appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" where he talked about his recent controversial statements: Robertson Explains On-Air Statements.

On the show Robertson attempted to explain the statements away by stating, "I've been doing TV for years and years. ... And the problem is, I ad lib."

He claims to speak for God but now he admits that he ad libs the message. Robertson has basically now admitted he is a false prophet who should no longer be listened to.

Also during the show Robertson was told he seemed to be "on his best behavior" during the interview. Robertson responded: "I'm talking to somebody nice like you. I don't want to put my foot in my mouth. I'm not on my own show."

So apparently it is okay to put his foot in his mouth on his own show but not on another. At least he recognizes that he has been putting his foot in his mouth. Now hopefully he will start being on his best behavior all the time!

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