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Graphic Protest

The American Family Association, a frequent critic of the media, is urging Christians to file a complaint with the FCC over a recent episode of NBC's "Las Vegas." They write:

"The content of that scene was extremely graphic. We have provided a video of the scene below."

What?! They are complaining about a scene and then provide the video for all to see. Apparently the AFA is now a distributor of "extremely graphic" videos. Maybe those that want to watch such junk should check out their website regularly as a kind of one-stop free “extremely graphic” video shop.

The statement from AFA continues: "Rather than trying to describe it to you, I would rather you watch it yourself. After watching the video, please follow the instructions to file your official complaint with the FCC. It will only take a couple of minutes to file the complaint. Do it for your children and grandchildren. After you file your complaint, please forward this to friends and family."

The AFA is actually encouraging Christians to watch a scene they believe is "extremely graphic." What if some well-intentioned Christian watches the clip provided and then sins by having lustful thoughts? What happened to making sure you do not cause your brother or sister to stumble?

How is it wrong for NBC to play the scene but okay for the AFA? Oh, that's right, you are supposed to watch the "extremely graphic" scene "for your children and grandchildren." That is a new excuse—I am watching porn for my children. If the AFA wants to take a stand against "extremely graphic" scenes then they should be consistent and not make those scenes available for viewing on their website.

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