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Nation Idolatry

Here is an article from the Associated Baptist Press about some excellent remarks by Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty Director Brent Walker: BJC leader warns civil religion can become 'idolatry of nation'. Here are some of his statements:

"In times of national crisis and war, we often see a rise of civil religion -- a merger of piety and patriotism -- where the love of country becomes secularized religion and Jesus is relegated to a deputy secretary of defense."

"Faithful discipleship and responsible citizenship requires us to grapple with the tension between the two sides of the same coin. ... This dualism has always challenged us, but perhaps never as much as during the last four years."

"When we pray 'God bless America,' we should also pray 'God bless the whole world: no exceptions."

"It is not the government's job to tell us when, or where, or what or for whom to pray, and certainly not in public schools."

Amen! Let us always be Christians first and foremost.

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