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Spiritual Rape

Here is a good post by Bruce Prescott over at the Mainstream Baptist blog about the controversy surrounding chaplains and the Air Force. Here are a few highlights:

"Roger Williams fled the persecutions of Anglican Archbishop William Laud and landed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1631. Shortly after his arrival he was banished from the colony for telling the authorities that they 'cannot without a spiritual rape force the consciences of all to one worship.'"

"I doubt that Thomas Jefferson or James Madison would have any trouble deciding whether Air Force Brig. General Johnny Weida and others at the Air Force Academy have violated the Constitution and abused the powers of their offices by attempting to exert undue influence over the consciences of cadets under their authority. Roger Williams would surely accuse them of attempted 'spiritual rape.'"

"In August 2005 it looked like the Air Force might put an end to the spiritual abuse at the Academy. Lt. Gen. Robert A. Brady issued four pages of guidelines that appeared to be a step back toward the principle of separation of church and state."

"On February 9, 2006 the Air Force issued a single page revised guideline that is clearly a step away from separation of church and state. Obviously, the Religious Right's lawyers for the defense of spiritual rape and conscience abuse have been at work."

"If the Air Force's new interpretation of the First Amendment prevails, by 2031 America may once again be governed by the same system of theocratic law that banished Roger Williams from Massachusetts Bay Colony."

Amen! It is so sad to see some of the spiritual descendants of Williams actually supporting the current mixing of church and state. If we want honest converts we must give them the freedom of choice. Let us strive to lead people to Jesus through our words and deeds but not try and force them to join us.

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