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Violent Rhetoric

Here is an article at Ethics Daily about the controversy surrounding IMB trustee and blogger Wade Burleson. It explains how Burleson has toned down some of his comments. He had previously talked about the differences between "crusading conservatives" and "cooperating conservatives" and used terms like "war," "killing," and other violent terms or allusions.

Burleson explained, "I am writing a new post to replace the old one, using words that aren't quite as militant. ... It says the same thing as the previous post, just a little softer. Again, I regret my choice of words, but I do not apologize for making public my concerns. I believe self-criticism is healthy."

Burleson should be commended. He has been correct in this issue since the beginning (here is my previous article about Burleson), and now he making another really important point. Christian rhetoric today is often too violent. It is good to see someone attempting to tone that down to a healthier level.

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