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Arrested Development

Soulforce activists were arrested for stepping onto Jerry Falwell's Liberty University to speak with students: Soulforce activists arrested for trespassing at Liberty University. They face up to a year in prison and a $2,000 fine.

While Falwell has the right to do what he wants with private property, is this really the best option? Falwell said he did not want to let Soulforce use Liberty University to get media attention. But having the group arrested actually sparked much more media attention than would have otherwise occurred. Additionally, it gave the group great footage for a documentary being shot.

Falwell also explained that he did not want the students to be exposed to the message. Yet, if we keep the students in a holy bubble then how will they be ready when they enter the world to fulfill the Great Commission? Soulforce said it wanted to meet with some of the students to talk. Maybe instead of arresting the activists, Liberty University should have spent time training their students to be ready for the dialogue. We should teach students to love God with their minds, not to run from any oppositional viewpoint. A great educational and witnessing opportunity was lost.

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