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An Educational Opportunity

A few days ago I noted that homosexual activists were arrested for attempting to talk to students at Liberty University. The Soulforce group is continuing its trip to other Christian universities across the country. While many have said the group will not be welcome, a few have suggested that there might be an opportunity for some dialogue.

Bethel University President George Brushaber stated:

"While we disagree with Equality Ride's biblical interpretation regarding homosexuality, the Bible commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. We want Bethel University to be a place where all people, regardless of sexual orientation, are treated with love, respect and dignity, and where all sides of issues may be studied and discussed in a safe learning community."

Two other schools have indicated that they are willing to engage the Soulforce group in some dialogue:

"Lee University in Cleveland originally refused to have riders on campus but wrote back proposing a debate. Wheaton College in Chicago, which turned down a visit, agreed to one provided it has 30 minutes to present its perspective."

These universities may end up being able to use the Soulforce visit as an educational opportunity to help teach valuable lessons to the students. The debate or discussion sparked by the events might help burst the “holy bubble” that students at Christian schools sometimes live in (I know from experience), and might help teach them how to intelligently engage people they disagree with.

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Recently I found this blog because in Tulsa the "equality riders" protested ORU's anti-homosexual policy.I'm not a student but I am aware of their policy. I wish they were more aware of their situation.When I was a child I was told not to play with matches a good analogy when they try to mix a contradicting lifestyles.


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