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The "F Word"

Here is an article about an interesting exhibit that suggests the new taboo "F Word" is "forgiveness": "F Word" exhibit examines "forgiveness". Marina Cantacuzino explains:

"Forgiveness is such a complex and difficult issue. ... Forgiveness can be the highest ideal or a soft option and it can be a dirty word for many. ... One day you might forgive and the next you hate all over again. ... My favorite definition of forgiveness is a struggle for understanding."

It is interesting to think that the word "forgiveness" is being put up as such a difficult one for so many people that it is almost unspeakable. Such a situation seems to be ideal for Christians to step up and explain what forgiveness is all about. Forgiveness is not easy but it is essential. We need to talk about it and demonstrate it. Maybe then it will no longer be the "F Word."

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