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On occasion I have received criticism for the title of this blog. Some do not seem to understand the nuance I am using for the phrase "For God's Sake." For those detractors, here is a Christianity Today article by Philip Yancey entitled ... drumroll, please ... For God's Sake. He writes:

Some have called meditative prayer a useless act, because we do it not for the sake of getting something, but spontaneously, as uselessly as a child at play. After an extended time with God, my urgent requests, which had seemed so significant, took on a new light. I began to ask for them for God's sake, not my own. Though my needs may drive me to prayer, it is there I come face to face with my greatest need: an encounter with God himself.
Yancey captures the nuance with which I use the phrase. In reality we should do all things for God's sake. Those who feel I am being profane must now also take aim at Yancey and Christianity Today.

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