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Where's the Love?

Russell Moore over at The Henry Institute wrote a post entitled "Bad Catholics Need Love Too." Yet, in the piece he goes on to attack these Catholics and put down their Biblical concerns for social issues:

What a turnaround it is that for Baptist ministers and all Christians it is the "bad Catholics" we're worried about. Sorry, I worry about good Catholics who exist in tension with Rome on the question of the advisability of keeping legal and paying for what they acknowledge to be the taking of a human life but still value life in opposing the death penalty, helping the poor, and....whatever.
He says they need love but then he does not show it.

On a different issue, Nathan at the
Moral Contradictions blog responded to a quotation by someone attacking non-Calvinists as unwelcome but saying that we would "love them." Nathan takes this comment to task:

Whether you're a Baptist or not doesn't matter; what matters is an organizational leader saying "this group isn't welcome, but we'll love them anyways".

Will they love them and disagree with them before or after they're forced out of the SBC? Will they still love them if those folks find a home in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship?

This almost sounds like those Baptist church signs that say "Independant, Fundamentalist, King James Bible - all are welcome".
Until we start showing love to one another then how can we expect the world to hear about God's love? A little more love in our messages could go a long way!

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