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Community and Communication

Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley spoke to the Boston Globe recently about his job and goals as a Catholic bishop. In the article he pointed out why he would talk to Boston Globe or other media outlets:

"I think that a newspaper has a very special responsibility and an opportunity to help build community and to bring people together, to inform them, mostly to encourage positive initiatives. ... And so, we do want to be in communication with the Globe and the rest of the Boston media."

The article notes that not only was O'Malley the first Catholic bishop to visit the Boston Globe since 1997, but that he initiated the conversation that led to the article. This seems to be clear proof of the success of his belief—his willingness to talk with the media spawned a positive article where he shared his faith and mission. In doing so he is ensuring that he and the church will remain at the forefront of the community.

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