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DeLay Admits to Hypocrisy

Tom DeLay has thrown in the towel and announced he will not seek reelection. However, what most jumped out in the Time interview was his comment about his famous smiling mug shot:

I said a little prayer before I actually did the fingerprint thing, and the picture. ... My prayer was basically: 'Let people see Christ through me. And let me smile.' Now, when they took the shot, from my side, I thought it was fakiest smile I'd ever given. But through the camera, it was glowing. I mean, it had the right impact. Poor old left couldn't use it at all.
DeLay thinks that his mug shot was going to help people see Jesus?! Oh, so he was taking illegal campaign donations for the Gospel—maybe his next career will be as a televangelist.

But DeLay also admits to faking the smiling—that is, he was acting happy. Such action could be viewed as hypocritical since the word derives its meaning from a Greek word that means an actor or one who plays a part. If DeLay wants to quit playing the smiling role and find true joy, maybe he should look to Jesus.

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