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Delay on DeLay

Been on the road so that is why there was such a delay in posting this item about DeLay. On Wednesday Ethics Daily ran a column I wrote: "Tom DeLay is Not Jesus." It is not about DeLay as much as a critique of Christian leaders (such as Rick Scarborough, Rod Parsley, and Tim LaHaye) that focus too much on gaining political power.

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  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    The recently uncovered history of the pre-tribulation rapture view hawked by LaHaye, Lindsey, Falwell, Van Impe etc. (which raises millions for political agendas and, incredibly, unites millions of fightin' fundies into winning voter blocs) can be viewed by going to engines like Yahoo and putting in "Pretrib Rapture Diehards." The Christian Right could be permanently crippled if mainstream scholars were to air the findings of historian Dave MacPherson, the No. 1 expert on the rapture's roots. He discovered, among other facts, that John Darby (long credited as the "father of dispensationalism") was not original on any aspect of Bible prophecy but was merely a clever and subtle plagiarist! Other interesting web articles are "Appendix F: Thou Shall Not Steal," and "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)" - more evidence of utter corruption in rapture circles! THE OBSERVER


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